Are only detailed here parts of iNatch that are not "obvious" when using the software. Using menus or preferences are not detailed here.

Formats recognised by "Paste" option



Example :


Text diagram

Example :

|*R | . |*K | . |   |*B | Q | . |
|*P |*R |*Q |*P |*P |*P |*P |   |
|   |*P |   | . |   | . |*P | . |
| . |   |*P |   | . |*N | . | N |
| R | . |   | P |   | P |   | . |
| . | B | . |   | R |   | B |   |
| P | . | P | N | P | P |   | P |
| . |   | K |   | . |   | . |   |

France Echecs

It is the text that you get by clicking (with the right button) on a diagram for the France Echecs forum, and using option "Copy image adress link" (or something analogous on your browser). The forum is in french, so only french is recognised. Example:,Tf7,Fa6,a5,b6,g3/N:Ra8,Tc1,Th1,Fg2,Ce2,Ch7,c2,f4


Recognising a chess game always begins with the indication of 1st move: 1.

After that, the format of moves is quite free. Here are some examples of the same move in different formats:

iNatch is really flexible, listing all the possibilities is too long. If you write moves in a way that iNatch doesn't recognise, write me.

Other informations

Parts of the stipulation only is recognised. iNatch finds number of moves of the proof game, as well as number of pieces, if these information are under a position. Halas, fairy condition, if present, is not found..

Languages possible in games

In english, the symbol for the knight may be N or S. Recognised languages are:

Play a game

There are 3 ways to play a move:

Modify a position

With the mouse

The main way is "Drag and Drop". Grab a piece with the mouse, and drop it in the destination square. By using the right button, you remove the piece from the origin square.

With the keyboard

The current square is highlighted with a black border. Changing the current square is possible with the mouse, and with the arrow keys.

The space bar empties the current square. The key representing the initial of a piece (depending on the current language) creates that piece in the current square. A second time the same character (with less a second between the 2 key strokes) changes the color of the piece. A lowercase character creates a black piece and an uppercase character a white piece.

To modify the number of moves that appears under the position, just type the number of single moves at the keyboard. All digits entered in less than a second are part of the same number.

Modify the view positionning

The are numerous ways to modigy the positionning of the views, for example by maximising or minimising them. It is also possible to close most views (except the game view). It is then possible to open them again from the menu.

It is also possible to move views using "Drag and Drop" by manipulating the tab of the view. It is even possible to drag views out of the main window, and thus create a flotting view (this does not work on Mac).

Contextuel menus

Options specific to each view can be reached through the tiny triangle in the bar that appear above a view. So the copy moves options are accessible through the "Moves" view, using this triangle.

Most usefull options in a vue, in addition to being available through the contextuel menu, are also accessible through there icons in the bar at the top of the view.